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Gregg Nay focuses on capturing nature's less noticed beauty found in uncommon scenes. After decades of fatherhood, a career as a graphic designer, and life's challenges he has discovered inspiration in silhouetted shadows, angry rain clouds, and dense fog. His abstract landscapes highlight many of nature's wonderful color combinations but lack the detailed structure of more traditional landscapes.

Gregg developed his love of landscape painting while earning his Fine Arts degree at Franklin College, a small liberal arts institution in central Indiana. As a football player - an offensive lineman - he stood out in more ways than one from other students in his art classes. And though he loved painting, other post-graduation priorities called to him, leading him down the more traditional paths of marriage, family and establishing a career. Gregg spent many years in corporate marketing before starting his own business, Gregg Nay Graphics, providing free-lance work for school corporations, municipalities, and businesses.

Finally, with his children in college and with the support and encouragement of his wife, Karen, Gregg took up painting again. He knew he hadn't lost his love of painting. Given the chance over the years, he had wandered many art galleries and museums admiring the styles and interpretations he saw in other artists' landscapes. But as he took up his brushes again, he found that working with acrylic paint as opposed to oils allowed him to develop his own distinctive style and unique techniques. No longer using oil paint with heavy brush strokes, he realized that acrylic paint with its much shorter drying time allowed him to blend and push the paint into the canvas. This creates a subtle softer look to his paintings with few visible brush marks. Another unique aspect to some of his paintings is that they can be turned upside down to reveal a different scene, giving the viewer a choice of how to display it.


Gregg is a Member Artist in the Brown County Art Gallery's Artist Association as well as a member of the Hoosier Salon and Indiana Heritage Arts. His works are on display at the Brown County Art Gallery in Nashville, Indiana. He has also had his paintings accepted to numerous shows and exhibits including the Hoosier Salon Annual Exhibit and The Wabash Valley Exhibit at the Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana. In addition, one of his paintings was named Best in Show at the Brown County Art Guild's 2022 Patrons Annual Exhibition in Nashville, Indiana. Gregg lives in Plainfield, Indiana with his wife, Karen and their basset hound Baxter. 

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